Treatments and Services


Advanced Full Spine & Extremity Adjusting

Diagnosis and hands-on chiropractic adjustments for mobilizing joints to relieve nerve pressure, alleviate pain and restore normal function.

Active Release Technique (ART) Soft Tissue Treatment

A cutting-edge soft tissue treatment used to address the muscle, ligament, tendon, fascia and nerve components of pain, commonly brought on by muscle over-use. 


Patients receive therapeutic modalities as part of their treatment each visit. Muscle-stim and hydrocollator hot packs and/or infrared heat may be used to relax muscles to restore movement and function. 

Cold Laser Therapy

Cutting-edge laser treatment which uses the application of infrared light to increase healing through cellular regeneration and tissue repair.

Exercise & Prevention

Stretching and strengthening programs tailored to optimize function and spinal stability to help prevent re-injury.

Posture Analysis

Detailed posture analysis and ergonomic counseling. Complimentary Scoliosis screenings and posture checks for children under 15.


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