What Can You Expect At Your First Visit?


Brief Paperwork

For your in office or at home visit, we ask that you fill out intake paperwork which provides us with general information about yourself and your condition.


Once the paperwork has been completed you will have a consultation with the doctor to review your medical history, discuss your chief complaint, and establish your health goals.


Based on the symptoms of your chief complaint, your chiropractor will perform various      non-invasive, specialized tests to determine the severity and extent of the injury, and diagnose your condition.

Same Day Treatment

Patients will receive treatment on their first visit. In addition to offering full-spine and extremity adjustments, other therapeutic modalities including electrical muscle stimulation and myofacial therapy may be used to help further the healing process.


  • Initial In-Office Visit (60 min) Comprehensive exam & treatment – $110                    
  • Follow-ups (20 minutes) Adjustments of all necessary spinal and/or extremity regions – $60

    Please call with any questions you have regarding payments or services. We              are here to help!